resonance of torsional vibrations of centrifugal pump

Electromagnetic Effects on the Torsional Natural Frequencies of

An encoder was mounted on the auxiliary-end of the compressor crankshaft to measure torsional oscillation. Some (Figure 4) compressor manufacturers publish limits on the torsional velocity for the chaindriven oil pump [6]. These torsional measurements - help

Explanation of nozzle loadings and how to minimise them

When pump components begin to wear, more power is required to meet the demands of the application, hence associated running costs increase and overall efficiency is lost. Excessive nozzle loading can also lead to increased vibrations throughout the pumping system.

Experimental validation of vibration characteristics of selected centrifugal pump

centrifugal pump and various ways to eliminate the vibrations of pump. Key Words: Centrifugal Pump, vibrations, isolators. 1. INTRODUCTION: In every centrifugal pump, dynamic forces of mechanical and hydraulic origin are present and a certain

Experimental validation of vibration characteristics of selected centrifugal pump

centrifugal pump and various ways to eliminate the vibrations of pump. Key Words: Centrifugal Pump, vibrations, isolators. 1. INTRODUCTION: In every centrifugal pump, dynamic forces of mechanical and hydraulic origin are present and a certain


eliminated, torsional resonance occurred again, but in a different rpm range. Significant torsional vibrations now occurred at 1500 rpm in a steady state navigation mode about 2 hours after the engines had been started, i.e. after the start of navigation. Vibrations


to measure the torsional vibrations. A number of variations of the basic measurement scheme have been used previously, including both analog [2] and more recently entirely digital processing methods. Digital methods of measuring torsional vibrations are


VIBRATION ANALYSIS OF CENTRIFUGAL PUMP WITH 569 The measurements showed that the maximum overall vibration level measured was reached 1.58 mm/s on the motor and 1.28 mm/s on the pump at running speed 50 Hz, 1.1 mm/s on the motor and 1

Reduction of Vibration and Noise in the Powertrain of Passenger

Shafts in the drivetrain are excited to torsional and bending vibrations by the inertia and gas forces of the engine, cardan joints and gear mesh. For the following two problems vibrations and noise are investigated: 1 . A torsional resonance of a driveshaft 2. A

Rotor Dynamics of a Centrifugal Pump

Rotor Dynamcis of a Centrifugal Pump Technical University Eindhoven, February 2006 -5-2 Whirl of simple rotors In rotor dynamics a common phenomenon is whirling; it is one of the most important self-excited vibrations. Often it can be observed in practice, which

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Torsional Vibration Measurement

When the actual torsional natural frequencies coincide with a driving dynamic torque, resonance occurs and large torsional vibrations will be present. Torsional vibration can damage shafting and drive components by producing high dynamic stresses in shafting, gears, couplings, and more.

Resonance of torsional vibrations of centrifugal pump

2016/12/1Failures of centrifugal pumps operated in a cooling system of Diesel power plant were investigated. • The reason of fractures occurring in pump shafts has been detected and explained. • The resonance between pump shaft natural torsional vibrations and pressure

A Typical case of Cracked Centrifugal pump Impeller

The test pump had missing pieces of blades, hardly small cracks, so flow was affected and the distortion could be measured with vibrations. It is unlikely that the small crack in the OP photo could cause a flow disturbance and measurable vibration symptoms.

What are the causes and effects of torsional vibrations in

Torsional vibrations are inherent within diesel engines, due to the varying torque produced by the piston and crank arrangement from each cylinder. This torque variation is further compounded by the arrangement of the firing order of the crankshaft.

Torsional Vibration and Resonance

2020/7/14Drive shaft resonance (even crankshaft resonance) is well known and needs expert attention to not be a catastrophic or long term problem but IS soluble . No mention of devices that slip to allow avoidance of resonance during power up or down has been made and these constitute a large part of the 'prevention' part of the solution .

Fan resonance and balancing

In a practical sense fans can be designed to minimize or eliminate the tuning fork resonance effect, but this torsional vibration example highlights that you can only design for what is known. In this case it took many months, and several broken impellers, to finally track

Pump nozzle loadings – overview and factors to consider

Nozzle loads can create torsional stresses across pipe-work, pumps and supports in a pumping system. In external gear pumps, torsional stresses often lead to uneven gear wear and in severe cases contacting of the pump housing with gears.


Resonance of torsional vibrations may occur in some machines with distinctly variable torque curves, such as piston engines or electric motors. On the other hand, flexural vibrations may occur in almost every machine (motor). This is due to demand for

IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering OPEN ACCESS Related content Vibration analysis of large centrifugal pump

Vibration analysis of large centrifugal pump rotors W Y Zhao, J G Ge, D Ma, C M Li and S B Bao School of Energy and Power Engineering, Lanzhou University of Technology, Lanzhou 730050; E-mail: Abstract: Through the critical speed of centrifugal

[PDF] Practical Design Against Torsional Vibration.

Torsional Vibrations of a Boiler Feed Pump A. W. Lees, K. Haines Engineering 1978 6 Save Alert Research Feed The Design Office Problem in the Estimation of the Torsional Resonance Characteristics of Small Marine Diesel-Propulsion Units R. S. Mitchell 1

Mechanical Resonance

However, a pump's excessive amplitude at vanepass frequency may not actually be caused by resonance. Instead, it could be caused by a rate of flow that is too low. Excessive vanepass vibration amplitude often occurs when the flow rate is lower than approximately 40 percent of

Critical speed

Critical speed (nk) is the rotational speed at which acting dynamic forces cause a machine component (e. g. shaft, rotor) to vibrate at its natural frequency (also referred to as intrinsic frequency, fi) and can even result in resonant vibrations throughout the entire machine and pump set. This effect has the potential to damage fast rotating machinery but can be minimised when such rotational

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